First Interprofessional Collaborative Teledentistry​

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How can
Open-Teledentistry help?

Oral health is the gateway of the entire human healthcare system and Open-Teledentistry interprofessional connect and solve oral and medical health under one roof. 

A one-to-one interaction is what Open Teledentistry provides to the Provider with their patients.  

Dental Care at Home

Teledentistry is an innovative technology and is most portable to serve patients via phone calls. Our professionals are trained to provide the best Oral Health guidance possible at home.

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is the safest way to fulfill daily oral health requirement without any chemical processing. Our trained dentists are helping patients for five years.​

Affordable Dentistry

Our oral health services are the most affordable and provided nationwide. We believe in optimal quality services under minimal fees.

24/7 Dentistry

We are available 24*7 with an emergency dentistry solution. Consult virtually with an emergency dentist without leaving your home for quick assistance.

Insurance Coverage

We are contracted with most of the private and health maintenance organization insurances. Teledentistry is covered under dental and medical both types of health insurance policies and we accept them all.

Oral Health Training

We provide a free oral health training program to the family. If you are looking for training on oral hygiene and want to improve oral health day by day, then we are here for you.

What is Teledentistry
all about?

Teledentistry is an art and practice of providing dental & oral care, consultation, education, and public awareness using information technology and telecommunication systems. Teledentistry is a blend of technology and dental care including the sharing of healthcare data and imagery over remote distances for dental counseling and patient management. With the use of teledentistry, patients can now receive dental care from their dentists and dental hygienists without having to visit the dental office.



Basically it can be defined as an one-on-one interaction between you and your dentist. By sitting at your home and without wasting much of time by waiting for your turn in hospital now through this option one can have a stress-less availability of remedies and cure facility by directly connecting with the professional dentist via live video call


 Asynchronous teledentistry entails documenting a patient’s clinical data and sending it to a different dental expert in a different place. “Save and forward” is another name for this. As a result, we as dental practitioners are able to improve patient access to dentistry, interact with our referral network more effectively, increase patient touchpoints, and streamline treatment planning.

Mobile Health

Nowadays with the help of technology and communication, it is a lot easier to get medical facilities on a go. Everything you need related to healthcare is rightly available on your phone, computers, and personal digital assistant (PDA)

ADA Policy On Teledentistry

ADA has embraced asynchronous, synchronous, remote patient monitoring, and mobile health industry standard standards. In essence, a dental product bearing the ADA mark of approval is guaranteed to be dependable, secure, and of the highest caliber. The ADA accredits dental practices and individual practitioners. These certifications of dental accreditation resemble the Seal of Approval in several aspects.

The ADA’s goals are to promote public health and support dentists in their endeavors. Our basic values—integrity, excellence, and a commitment to provide you with knowledge based on the best available research—serve as the foundation for everything we do.

Methods of Teledentistry that we promote and use

Live video consultations with patients

With the assistance of qualified supervising dentists, our network partners (RDH, dentists, and other dental specialists) are able to conduct brief exams for patients who are outside of the dental office using live video consultations.

Expanding access to preventive and hygienic services

Dental hygienists are readily available before or after regular business hours (evenings or weekends), which makes it simple to accommodate patients with busy schedules, attract new clients, and raise patient satisfaction.

Get more access by using a dental assistant

An Extended Function Dental Assistant is permitted to administer fluoride varnish, sealants, interim therapeutic agents, and temporarily re-cement crowns in certain circumstances without the supervision of a supervising dentist present.

We support the development of a "collaborative practise" partnership

A dental hygienist working in collaboration with a qualified dentist is allowed to provide dental hygiene services outside of the typical dental office without the patient first having a dental exam.

Benifits of TeleDentistry

Benefits for patients

Saving time


Early diagnosis

Oral hygiene education

Accessibility of dental care for disabled people

Benefits for dentists

More patients

Improved access

Streamlined and automated scheduling

Sharing Treatment advice with other specialists

Reduced cost on resourses like mask, gowns, gloves

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