Who We Are?

Our Mission

  • Here at Open Teledentistry, we focus on bringing expert dental professionals at foot forward and providing a wide range of dental amenities for patients according to their prerequisites. In open teledentistry, we tend to use high-tech mechanisms for effortless and safe operational procedures. It is also very cost-effective and lucrative according to the induction process throughout the United States. With Open Teledentistry we minimize the gap between a patient and a dental expert. This is a modern-era solution for creating a space where the dental professionals and the patients are easily accessible to each other in a very pocket-friendly way and without any hassle.

Who are we

With a fabulous team of renowned and brilliant dental professionals, we try our best to educate people about dental hygiene and dental care. We in Open Teledentistery work on the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship and trust building is our primary focus with the excellent & satisfactory services provided by our dental experts to the problems of the patients.

With over experience of more than 5+ years, we try to focus majorly on user-friendly grounds for both doctors and patients for oral dental care knowledge and understanding with the use of top-grade modern technologies and best-ever remedies for our clients. Your belief in us helps us to stand stronger and build this whole economical platform to ensure that we can give our best solutions to all your oral-related issues.

  • Our main motive is to build up a connecting bridge to fill the gap between a dentist and a patient. Open teledentistry pays attention to educating dentists and patients with the latest information, communication & technologies, and a long-term bond between them.
  • We accomplish this through our online interface, which complies with HIPPA, where public infrastructure and records, such as pictures, videos, patient records, professional inputs, and treatment recommendations, are made available.
  • We adhere to the American Dental Association’s (ADA) § 4.E.1 Code of Professional Conduct and Principles of Ethics as well as the Federal and State Anti-Kickback Statute [ 42 U.S.C. § 1320a-7b(b)].

What We Offer

Licensed dentists, RDH, RDA, and other medical professionals work with us to deliver dental and medical treatments under a single roof, allowing us the first interprofessional collaborative clinicians to achieve this.

Our main objective is to give all age groups of patients reasonable access to facilities for high-quality dental care and education. Our key emphasis is on eliminating the disparity through online consultations, medication with advanced technology, and oral healthcare education.

Why You Should Choose Us

As we trust the philosophy of helping that’s why we understand the need for open dentistry in basic human life. We are aware of the clear relationship between oral problems and overall health. We guarantee that you will have the best consultation and medical experience with our skilled dental professionals. We are working together across disciplines to benefit patients with a variety of teledental techniques.